Learn Portuguese in São Paulo

São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, situated just outside of the tropics and roughly an hour away from the Atlantic Ocean. The city is the capital of its namesake state of São Paulo and it's the economic powerhouse of the nation as well as home to an enticing array of cultural highlights.

São Paulo Study Portuguese in São Paulo (Brazil)

  • São Paulo InhabitantsInhabitants: 18 million
  • São Paulo LocationLocation: Brazilian Southeast Coast
  • São Paulo TemperatureTemp: 27.4°C (Jan), 21.8°C (Jul)
  • São Paulo TimezoneTimezone: UTC-3
  • São Paulo CurrencyCurrency: Brazilian Real (BRL)
  • São Paulo CountryCountry: Brazil
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Mingle with some Paulistanos

For those who want to study Portuguese in São Paulo, learning the language can be perfectly complemented with visits to the many museums, markets, and parks, as well as meeting and practicing with the famously friendly and outgoing 'Paulistanos,' as the locals are called.

There is no shortage of finding ways to unwind from a hard week of learning Portuguese at our school in São Paulo – an exciting nightlife, a delicious variety of foods, from tropical fruits to the feijoada, a classic Brazilian staple. For those who want to study Portuguese in São Paulo, Brazilian Portuguese is the most widely spoken form of Portuguese in the world, making the city an ideal base for language learning.

A story of prosperity, culture and coffee

São Paulo was founded in the year 1554 as a Jesuit mission with the aim of converting the local inhabitants to Catholicism. After being settled, the trade in coffee was the impetus for the city's growth and waves of immigrants from Europe and Asia came to seek prosperity. Practice Portuguese in São Paulo Markets São Paulo Photo Gallery Eventually the economy shifted away from solely coffee and expanded with the industrial revolution, followed by growth in technology and financial services.

As a result of the waves of immigration, São Paulo is among the most culturally diverse cities in South America. After having learned Portuguese in São Paulo, it will be easy for you to get into contact with the many people living here and to experience the different cultures.

Nearly Tropical

Wonder through São Paulo with classmates São Paulo Photo Gallery

The result of being situated roughly 2,500ft (760m) above sea level at a near-tropical latitude ensures São Paulo has a mild to warm climate year-round, with an average temperature range between 36.5°C (97.7°F) and 37.5°C (99.5°F). The city remains verdant due to high rainfall, averaging over 50” (130cm), with the months of October through March receiving the most. Enjoy this bustling city and take the opportunity to learn Portuguese in São Paulo.

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Learn Portuguese in São Paulo