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Activities in Ushuaia are constantly within reach during your stay. Whether you choose to keep your body in motion with outdoor activities or cool your heels in the city while enjoying the culture of southern Argentina, there is plenty to keep your head, heart, and body active in Ushuaia!

At Your Fingertips

Downstairs from the Spanish school in Ushuaia you will find a tour agency to help you plan the grand adventures that await you in Patagonia. The wild nature of the area is flush with excursions around Ushuaia and with their help and guidance you can see the best of the best. Some possible choices of many are:

  • Sea Lion Watching: This Ushuaia activity allows you to explore the sea aboard a beautiful yacht. Floating past the picturesque city-scape, coastal homes, and natural vistas you make your way to Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse. Next stop, in the Ushuaia excursion is Despard Island, home to a large colony of playful, barking sea lions. See these sleek creatures in their home environment and don't forget to take plenty of pictures.
  • Cave Trekking: Perhaps a more daring excursion in Ushuaia suits your adventurous spirit. Travel to the Tierra Mayor Valley for some hiking through the native Beech forests of the region to end with panoramic vistas of the valley. From there you will go to the Alvear glacier for a trek inside an ice cave. Enjoy lunch inside this mystical place, surrounded by geological mystery and history, with this trip around Ushuaia!

Local Wanderings

Ushuaia Whale Watching Ushuaia Photo Gallery

But don't underestimate the alluring draw of the multitude of tours of Ushuaia itself! To know the "Southernmost City in the World" is to know fantastic restaurants, a gourmet chocolatier, fantastic wines, and magical city strolls. Other Ushuaia activities include:

  • Cultural stops like the Yamana Museum, the Museum at the End of the World, the Maritime Museum and Old Prison, the City Museum, or Historical Museum Pensar Malvines.
  • Get to know the history of the city by visiting and learning the stories of the Government's Old House and the Beban's Family Old House.
  • Or perhaps the perfect Ushuaia activity for you is to watch a play at the local theater company, the Tango performed by professional dancers, or if your timing is right, enjoying a local festival in the city center.

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