Learn Spanish in Heredia

Study Spanish in Heredia and explore the city by foot: the downtown area boasts an array of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and the National University Theatre. The UNA, National University campus is in Heredia, giving the city a young and bohemian feel.

Heredia Study Spanish in Heredia (Costa Rica)

  • Heredia InhabitantsInhabitants: 42,800
  • Heredia LocationLocation: North-Central Region
  • Heredia TemperatureTemp: 24.3°C (Jan), 24.8°C (Jul)
  • Heredia TimezoneTimezone: UTC-6
  • Heredia CurrencyCurrency: Costa Rican Colón (CRC)
  • Spanish Central American CountryCountry: Costa Rica
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Small Town Feel

Only 11 kilometers (7 miles) from the capital of Costa Rica, San José, Heredia has maintained its colonial small town feel. The city is an organized grid of streets, which are very easy to navigate. The colonial architecture has been beautifully preserved dating back to the independence of Costa Rica when Heredia was even considered for the seat of federal government.

The Parque Central has remained a popular meeting place for all generations. The park is dotted with mango trees, beautiful architecture dating back to the 18th century and the Basilica de la Imaculada Concepción. Study Spanish in Heredia and enjoy a small town feel with big city entertainment to keep you busy.

Learn Spanish in Heredia Heredia Photo Gallery

Great Location

Learn Spanish in Heredia and travel around Costa Rica effortlessly. After an early morning Spanish course in Heredia, take a bus into the small mountain towns, just ten minutes North of Heredia. Enjoy the fresh air during jungle hikes and cool off under waterfalls in natural swimming holes. The Central Valley where Heredia is located is lined with volcanoes. National Parks offer breathtaking views from the top of these volcanoes.

Practice Spanish in Heredia Heredia Photo Gallery

Should you prefer to escape to the beach for the weekend, then take the 115 kilometer (65 mile) drive to Jacó, a very popular destination in the central valley. There are many Pacific beach destinations just a short drive from the Heredia Spanish language school in the Central Valley.

The weather in Costa Rica makes Heredia a perfect destination for your next language holiday as average temperatures range between 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit) and 35° Celsius (95° Fahrenheit) year round.

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Learn Spanish in Heredia