Accommodation in Puerto Viejo

Choose from various options of accommodation in Puerto Viejo: stay with a host family, at the school residences or in private accommodation.

Host families

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Stay with a host family in Puerto Viejo while studying Spanish at our school. This option is a very successful way to get the most out of your language holiday in Puerto Viejo. Share free time and meals with your host family in Puerto Viejo and improve your language skills at an enhanced speed. Immerse yourself in the colorful culture of Costa Rica while staying with local families.

You are given a private single-room and your own key during your stay with your host family. Families will provide you with a breakfast each morning.

School Residences

Stay at the Spanish language school in Puerto Viejo at the student residence and enjoy a social experience. The school has private and shared bedrooms, bathrooms are communal. The house boasts large living spaces and a fully equipped kitchen, perfect for cooking together. Sit in the garden in a hammock after class and relax to the soothing sounds of tropical birds and waves. Coffee and tea are served every morning and breakfast can be served for an extra cost.

Puerto Viejo language school residence Puerto Viejo Photo Gallery

Private Accommodation

Puerto Viejo is a popular surfing destination and has many hotels, Bed and Breakfasts and private apartments for you to choose from. We can help you organize your private accommodation. Private accommodation is a great option for people traveling in larger groups or for those who prefer more privacy and independence during their language holiday.

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