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During your stay in Cádiz, we have the ability and the power to organize the perfect accommodations. One option is to stay with a Host Family and become part of a traditional Spanish household. Another option is sharing a flat, where you can study, learn, and practice Spanish with other language students.

Of course, feel free to arrange your own accommodations in Cádiz, such as a hostel or a hotel while attending your Cádiz Spanish language course.

Host Family

Living with a host family is highly recommended and ideal for a complete immersion into the Spanish culture. The friendly family atmosphere and amazing relationships you form will create an unforgettable and amazing experience. Your host family will personally introduce you into the real Spanish culture.

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Every host family is carefully selected and held to the highest possible standards. They only speak Spanish, and are accustomed to accommodating students of all ages and from every part of the world.

You choose between a single or double room and half board or full board lodging. It will include bed lines, blankets, a laundry service once a week and meals according to your lodging choice.

Shared Flat

A shared flat is a great way to meet people from different countries across the planet. Before meeting your new roommates, you are sure to share one common theme, learning Spanish.

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This option gives you more independence and all the amenities of a fully furnished apartment. You will share a kitchen, bathroom, living room and modern conveniences with your new amigos.

Each flat usually consists of 3-4 students of different nationalities to explore your new culture with. You will have a single room, but if you are traveling with a companion, double rooms are available. Blankets are included and you can rent bed linens and towels provided by the school.

Hostel in Cádiz

For some students, staying in a hostel is the most appealing option. Hostels are always filled with international travelers and allow you to be as flexible as you like. There is a large number of Hostels located in the historical district close to the Language School. Ailola Latino recommends a couple of hostels you can book directly through, Hostal Canalejas or Hostal Fantoni.

Hotel in Cádiz

If you prefer to stay in a hotel, Cádiz has a number of options around the language school. You should book in advance and remember that a credit card reservation is necessary for most hotels. Ailola Latino recommends a couple hotels that you can book through directly. Two suggested hotels in the historical district of Cádiz are the Hosperdería Las Cortes or Hotel Argantonio.

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