Activities on Ibiza

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Our school recommends that all students take part in activities inside and outside the Ibiza language school to get the most out of your language holiday experience. Ibiza has a mixture of activities to offer ranging from guided tours to the exciting nightlife.

School Activities

Our school hosts a series of regular activities. These activities are held so students get to know one another and continue learning about Spain and the culture on Ibiza. These activities include: city tours, film screenings, cultural outings to concerts and shows and dance lessons.

Guided Tours

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Our school hosts a guided walking tour around Ibiza every Monday introducing new students to the island. The island offers various other guided tours to interesting historical spots, including Necropolis, the Renaissance town, museums and many churches. Our school has a database of all the activities offered around the island but the Official Tourist Site of Ibiza has information about tour guides and tours.


Ibiza is a very diverse island with a mixture of pine filled forests and crystal clear beaches. Our school organizes excursions to various interesting spots on the island, such as the Caves of San Miguel and San Antonio, a historic fisherman’s village.

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There are even more excursions offered outside of the school: hot air balloon tours over the island, or if you would prefer to keep your feet on the ground you can take a train around the island with The Ibiza Express. Kayaking is another way to explore surrounding islands; some tour companies offer kayak trips around Formentera.


The island is famous for the endless number of beaches along the 18 kilometers (11 miles) of coast. The beaches are perfect for sunbathing and meeting people from all over the world. Most beaches offer an array of different outdoor activities that you can take part in. There are also a number of hiking trails connecting the beaches with breathtaking views along the way. Or get an underwater view of Ibiza with one of the many diving schools on the island. Explore the Las Salinas National Park that is partially located underwater.


Spanish Nightlife and Clubs on Ibiza Ibiza Photo Gallery

Ibiza is famous for its eclectic nightlife. The island is dotted with bars, restaurants and nightclubs. During the summer months international DJs perform in nightclubs around the island, and it is not uncommon to come across a celebrity or two enjoying a night out. There is a wide selection of restaurants to eat at before you hit the town for a night out. Enjoy the fresh seafood in a typical Ibizan paella.

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