Learn Spanish in Ibiza

When you come to study Spanish on Ibiza, no matter what season it is, there are endless activities to take part in. There are yearly medieval festivals, weekly hippy markets and parties every night!

Ibiza Study Spanish in Ibiza (Spain)

  • Ibiza InhabitantsInhabitants: 132,600
  • Ibiza LocationLocation: In the Mediterranean Sea
  • Ibiza TemperatureTemp: 15.5°C (Jan), 29.3°C (Jul)
  • Ibiza TimezoneTimezone: UTC+1
  • Ibiza CurrencyCurrency: Euro (EUR)
  • Ibiza CountryCountry: Spain
  Learn Spanish in Ibiza (Spain)
Study Spanish on Ibiza Ibiza Photo Gallery

An Island for Everyone

The island is famous for its wild nightlife, but it has much more to offer everyone who comes to learn Spanish on Ibiza. It was named a national heritage site due to its culture and biodiversity by UNESCO. Ibiza is also home to two National Parks, and one that is partially underwater.

Warm Weather and a Diverse Ecosystem

Study Spanish and explore on Ibiza Ibiza Photo Gallery

The island has a Mediterranean climate with very little rainfall. The average temperature during the summer months is about 30° C (86° F). The winter temperatures only drops to around 15° C (59° F). Ibiza is dotted with beautiful beaches, which are famous for being great spots for sunbathing during the summer.

The island, recognized for its biodiversity, also has beautiful, tranquil forests for those who would prefer a quiet, relaxing language holiday on Ibiza. Whether you prefer late night parties and meeting lots of new friends or quiet hiking trails and deserted beaches, studying Spanish on Ibiza is for you.

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Learn Spanish on Ibiza