Arrival to Salamanca

By Plane

Arrive by Plane to Salamanca Salamanca Photo Gallery

You will find service for international flights in either Madrid or Vallodolid, with the Madrid-Bajaras airport (MAD) having the largest service for most world-wide carriers. Salamanca-Matacán (SLM) airport is served by Iberia airlines with service to Barcelona. Although it's a bit of a long route to choose, it's worth checking on prices to see if you can get a good deal!

By Bus

Just northwest of the city center you will find the Salamanca bus terminal on Avenida de Filiberto Villalobos. Bus service to Madrid is available though the Auto Res bus company with 24 buses per day ranging in price from $14.50- $22.00 and takes about 2.5 hours. There are also routes available, with service four to six buses a day to Ávila and Valladolid.

By Train

Arrive by Bus to Salamanca Salamanca Photo Gallery

You can either choose to arrive to Salamanca via France or from Barcelona. The entry city is Irún and there are two trains arriving to Salamanca per day with a one way cost of approximately $49.00. Travelling from Barcelona there is one train costing about $90.00 and the travel time is close to nine hours.

By Car

Travelling by car from Madrid, it is recommended to take the A6 highway to Villacastín then the A51 to Ávila and finally the A50 to Salamanca. Although you can park on the street, it is safer to find a car garage, which can be arranged for you upon arrival.

Transportation in Salamanca

By Bus

The city of Salamanca is an extremely walkable city and is what is recommended for our students. But for larger treks about town there is a safe and reliable bus system that runs past the central bus station, Mercado Central, and around the Old Town perimeter.

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